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Standing out

Sell your hose even quicker by standing out

Time costs money. A cliché that certainly applies to the housing market. Every month your house is for sale costs money. Sin of course, because you prefer to use that extra money for your new home or a nice holiday. XLCASA will ensure that your home is prominently presented at Funda. But by investing a relatively small amount in a beautiful home presentation, your house will even more stand out between the offer. You attract more potential buyers, resulting in more viewings. This way you create more opportunities to sell your property quickly.

Bronze package

€ 179,-
Professional photo series

Silver package

€ 299,-
Top package 1
360 degree photography
2d / 3d floor plan (of supplied drawing)

Gold package

€ 349,-
Top package 2
Elevated photos

Funda top position

€ 69,-

With Funda’s top position, your home is for one week higher placed in the results list. As a result, your home is viewed more. 1 month prolonged € 129,-

Funda in focus

€ 189,-

With House in focus, your home is visible for a month on the Funda homepage. This prominent place on the homepage, gives an audience of millions and your home or new construction project is viewed up to 100 times more often! This can be done per province or the whole of the Netherlands.

Funda eye catcher

€ 129,-

An Eye catcher label offers 40% more presentation space in the results list. With this label you can highlight an important selling point or emphasize the most important elements of the house with a mosaic of photos.

Advertise on Facebook

€ 69,-

Via Facebook you reach 15,000 – 40,000 people with a targeted advertisement of your home. Through a sophisticated target group determination you reach the right people and you increase the chance of a faster sale!

Advertise local on

€ 59,-

Within a radius of 5 kilometers around your home, the advertisement will be shown at least 12,500 times on the front page in the app. Example: a user of the app gets the news from Haarlem. If this place falls within the radius of your ad, the user will see your property ad on his front page.

2D/3D Plan

€ 79,-

Provide us with a building plan or sketch with the measurements of your home, so we can draw a clear plan of it. We add these in 2D and 3D to the presentation of your home on Funda. Do you have no building plan or sketch? No problem, we will be happy to visit you to take the measurements for you.

The (extra) costs for measuring is € 119, -.

Drone video

from € 179,-

With a spectacular drone video, your house is even more striking between the housing supply. In this way, interested parties get a good idea of ​​the immediate surroundings.

We look at the best, most (cost) efficient and safe solution for each assignment to tell your story from the air. The pilot is creative and likes to think along with you.

Virtual photography

€ 49,-

If there is no furniture in your home, the photo presentation often looks a bit bare. To visualize your house decorated, we can dress it virtually. For this we use special 3D software, which enables us to create a realistic image. There is a wide choice in styles. The price is per processed photo.


€ 49,-

By hanging a striking 2.50 meter wide banner in your garden or on your balcony, every passerby can see that your home is for sale.

For sale sign

€ 39,-

Extra or replacement sales sign.

Open house package

€ 99,-
  • 10 days Funda Top position (before and during the national NVM open house days)
  • Open House sign (100 x 23 cm high)
  • 2 Open House window posters.

Open House without Funda top position and posters is free.

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